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What is PowerAid? 

India's First Patented Two wheeler Usb charger for your bike/scooty with a testing done for more than one year.

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Do You Know? Poweraid helped many people during Vardha Cyclone.

I have seen people struggling with no Power..

Vardha Cyclone was a terrible time for Chennai people – No electricity, No food, No transport.

How Poweraid helped people?

During Vardha cyclone, I had no power at home. Me and my friends were starving for the whole day. Finally I saw my neighbor making calls from his mobile. I wondered how still has charge in his mobile after one week of power shut down.

Then he explained me about poweraid and I had my mobile charged finally after a week. I made calls to my parents in Bangalore and informed them that I am safe! I also contacted few of my friends who helped me with food. PoweraidCame to rescue!

– Rajesh, Software Engineer, HCL Chennai.

vardha cyclone poweraid

PowerAid became a Life-Saver for Many!

During Vardha cyclone, many people were affected with water – borne diseases and emergency cases – pregnancy, heart attack people felt trouble to contact ambulance and hospitals.

How Poweraid Saved a Life? 

My wife was in pain. It was her delivery date and there was terrible vardha cyclone outside. There was no electricity for past 2 days and our mobiles were out of charge. We had to contact ambulance and hospital immediately. We were baffled. My neighbor Priyanka and PowerAid came to our rescue. Priyanka lives in a flat nearby and she had this device called “PowerAid” bolted to her veespa scooter. I had my mobile charged with poweraid and called ambulance immediately. Finally we have our son Prakash with us now. PowerAid saved my wife and son. Thanks to this wonderful innovation.

     -Prashanth, Entrepreneur, Chennai

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Want to Know the History of Poweraid? 

Poweraid CEO Amamarun’s classmate girl who was one day very late from college on bike and she couldn’t inform her parents about this as her phone battery was drained completely.

This made her parents worry a lot as her phone was switched off and they had to reach out to the nearest police station for help. Finally she reached home somehow and this incident went viral in the college – SRM University, Chennai, India.

This incident made Amam (CEO of poweraid) to come up with a solution to solve these issues. – No more mobile switch off while riding on Bike!

1st Prototype was ready back in December ’16. Now, 8 months later, he has worked out all the issues and today, he formally launched the product in the name and style of “Poweraid”. The startup is registered with NASSCOM and a patent has been filed for the technology.

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Describing PowerAid in 58 Secs!

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Charge Your Mobile in Two Wheels on the go!

Still Need to Know More About Poweraid? 

Here is 4 Very Promising Feature That Will Blow Your Mind to Buy Poweraid Now!

Hey! Read This 4 Promising Feature of Poweraid. 

Feature #1: Your Everlasting Mobile Battery Source

poweraid product


  • Unlimited power charging to mobiles. It can charge the mobiles even when the engine is off.
  • Plug it to your bike ignition and you are done.
  • 2 minutes installation – Installation guide given with product.
  • Doesn’t connect to Bike battery – So,bike battery does not drain.
  • Much cheaper and very useful than Power Banks

Feature #2: Completely Dust & Water Resistant


  • Doesn’t get affected in rains or while cleaning bike – Completely waterproof.
  • Dust and pollution in the city doesn’t affect the device anyways. Yes, It is dust proof!
  • Doesn’t affect your riding in anyways.
  • Safe and handy.
  • Easy to Bolt on and connect.

poweraid black

Feature #3: Can Power Two Devices at Once

poweraid gun metal


  • Have two mobiles? We got you covered! Connects upto two devices at a time.
  • Output voltage is 5v in both the ports.
  • Connect your mobile with universal USB cable.
  • Two USB ports available.
  • Charges Rapidly on both ports.

Feature #4: India's No.1 Patented Two Wheeler Charger


  • Our innovation has been patented and this product is unique.
  • 1st kind of charger to overcome old powerbanks.
  • Very useful for delivery companies, courier people and field marketing persons – Never run out mobile charge while on bike!
  • Available on different colors – Matt Black, Silver, Gun Metal, Blue, Orange.
  • Doesn’t affect the looks of your bike!

poweraid orange


Say Goodbye! to Low Battery Days:

  • When there is no current at your house power aid attached on your bike will come to your rescue.
  • Power your Gadgets even when there is no power in your house.
  • The Product is weather proof and dust proof.
  • Your gadgets can be charged with maximum efficiency.
poweraid black
poweraid orange

All these features at so low cost? Now that's a save. Your time to get PowerAid onto your bike/scooty and stay safe stay connected!!!

How amazing it would be if you have Poweraid with You!

How Poweraid Works

Amazing Product Right? 

See what our Customers are Saying? 

poweraid reviews
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Currently there is Price Drop from Rs.599  to Rs. 355

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Charge Your Mobile in Two Wheels on the go!

Different Colors Available! Write mail to info@poweraid.xyz for Bulk Orders

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